Make an IGC file from a Start and End coordinate

This applet is for a fun comp to score pilots who fly without a GPS.
Enter the take-off and the landing coordinates.
The Applet then generates an straight line track IGC file, which can be used to score the track  with the scoring code like TP or OLC.



Enable the Applet to create a file on your computer with the java.policy security file

Make sure the Java Console is enabled when running your browser

When you click the red button in the Applet and you get this

Here we are missing the policy entry in your security file to run this applet.

Type in s in the Java Console to dump system properties

And locate the security.policy file

Go to this directory and either copy this java.policy  file, or edit your current file with the contents of this java.policy file.

In the Java Console use r to reload

Click on red button and you should get this





How to run the Applet as a Java application on your computer

Java 1.4 has to be installed,  download from

Download the igc.jar file into some new created directory.

mkdir C:\tmp\test ... for example

Use jar -xvf igc.jar  or a zip utility to unzip the igc.jar file.

  cd C:\tmp\test

   jar -xvf igc.jar


And start the code

C:\tmp\test>java appletcode/IGC/IGC_Applet_Creator.class

Known bugs :

- altitude is fixed to 1300 , will change it sometime to vary, if necessary


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