Using GLOBE data to create a new Site

GLOBE data is located at

for South Africa use

One can get it via ftp

USERID: anonymous
PASSWORD: [your email address]
: dir
: cd GLOBE_DEM/data/elev
: binary
: get [filename] or mget [filespecpattern]
: bye

For Java one has to do a byte swap

dd if=inputfilename of=outputfilename conv=swab

Create a directory for the GLOBE data.
In my setup I use C:/T3D2/DATA/GLOBE/ and a new directory that I called AFRICA or EUROPE or whatever area your GLOBE file represents
For example create a C:/T3D2/DATA/GLOBE/AFRICA directory.
Into the AFRICA directory put the GLOBE file and call it AFRICA.DEM .
It has to be the same name as the directory.
Also put a screen grab from the area as AFRICA.gif

In the T3D2 code choose from the GLOBE data your area,
type in the center coordinates of your flying site
the amount of strips , ( 1 strip is rougly 1km) towards each side
and give it a name

One can also reuse a previously defined site and modify the values and save it under a new name


One has to choose a DEM data area, like Africa
Click on the AutoView button, select an IGC track log, and the code determines where this track log is located.
And the code then cuts out of the DEM data the area that you are flying over. And tThen displays it as a site called Auto.