T3D2 Installation Manual

Prereqs and Installation

To run T3D2, which is Java 1.4 based you need to download and install

If you want to create your own flying site terrain topographic data from GTOPO30 data, then get the files from

3 Button Mouse

One might have to install a 3 button mouse driver first. Like the Memorex Pilot Mouse V1.0 which one can download from the web. http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/215443/Memorex-3-Button-Scroll-Mouse-3202.html

Windows 2000

On a Laptop with a TrackPoint and 2 main mouse buttons ( IBM Thinkpad) deactivate the scroll option for the blue center button, Control Panel, Mouse,TrackPoint, Neither to activate the Middle Mouse button

Windows XP

Start/Control Panel/Mouse/Third Button
- Other Functions unassigned
- UltraNav , Track Point Properties, Neither

Serial Port Communication

For serial port communication with a GPS device one has to install the
javax.comm software.
Unzip the file and follow the install instructions for the serial interface code.
You have to be familiar with your current Java installation environment to make it work.
The insructions might use a different Java JRE environment , like jre1.1.6, while your code might be under jre1.4.2 or what ever you called it. Make sure it goes into the jre and lib directories that you are using.

The code also can make use of JFLight code to interact via serial port with Garmin and MLR
See http://jflight.sourceforge.net/

T3D2 Configuration

Use the SETUP/DEFAULTS Menu option to define where the code finds its files.

This configuration data is stored by pressing the Save button in a text file called CONFIG.txt. Which can be edited. Make sure the Config.txt is write enabled when you di a new installation from a CD.

JFlight Interface

The JFlight directory has to be in the same C:\T3D2\code directory where the T3D2 directory is located. Get the JFlight.jar file and jar -xvf it into the same location where T3D2 is.
You should see a T3D2 and a JFlight directory in the folder C:\T3D2\code.

Wing Data

Add your own Wing Data Information into the wingdata.xml file. By default the wingdata.xml file is located in the C:\T3D2\data\WingData directory.
The location of the wingdata.xml file can be changed and redefined in the Config Panel
The sample data provided is based on the info available from

The wingdata.xml file format
<Wing WingId="Effect38-3" Name="Effect38 3 Points" Span="9.93" MinSpeed="22" TrimSpeed="37">
<PolarData PointCount="3">
<PolarPoint Speed="30." Sink="-1.15" />
<PolarPoint Speed="36." Sink="-1.31" />
<PolarPoint Speed="50." Sink="-2.9" />

WingId has to be unique, no 2 wings can have the same Id
Name can be anything you choose, a long string that explains a bit more
Span is the projected ( not the flat) wing span
MinSpeed would be stall speed
TrimSpeed is toggles up and no accellerator applied

  PointCount can be 3 or 4 or 5 for the amount of polare points

The first point has to be the minimum sink point. Where the polare tangent is horizontal.

The next points have to points on the polare as the speed increases.

The last point is the top speed on the polare.

A point is defined by the speed in km/h  and a sinkvalue im m/s

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