T3D2 - Ideas , Todo and what got Changed

Change History

- Creating a HDR file and a DEM file and a T3D file for a flying site

- Added a South Africa dat file to dem file conversion
- Use SA dem files option
- When using a DEM file, a map now gets displayed. And one can select with the mouse from the map the area that one wants to cut out

- depending if climb or speed is active only show that reference on the side

- MAJOR change, the .hdr extension became .t3d extensions for the flying sites demdata files. And the code creates a .hdr file which is compatible with the standard .hdr file fromat used for GTOPO dems.

- modified, fixed?, the getDirection method for a coordinate point
- altitude 1:1 scale or exagerated switch now in SETUP

- Color explaination for climb, speed, too fast, too slow
- Have a scroll text window instead of panels for Analysis info
- Copy/Rename Option after reading a track and choice of directory , IGC file name convention after a download and into a site directory choice
- GARMIN default changed from GPS12 to eMap, and GPS 72 added
- Remove Thermals , Show Thermals
- Creating a new site adds it to the list
- Toggle switch between speed or lift/sink color code track display
- In Auto creation mode, keep the original igc file name, and offer to name the dir at the end using the igc filename as default.And an option to change it to what you prefer.
- If the 1st IGC speed is 0, use the 2nd IGC speed
- Add a thermal 2D view, showing radius curve and climb
- Track Point Analysis window added,  pick a trackpoint and one gets altitude, location, speed info
- Flight Analysis window added
- IGC file name stays the same in AUTO Mode
- MODIFIED , site only defined by the dir name, no site.hdr and site.dem
   by renaming the top dir everything else works still . This makes the incompatible with previous created data. One has to rename all the dem and hdr files and .txt files
- ADDED find in a thermal the max lift point
- ADDED give out max lift points of thermals into one thermal file
- ADDED store thermal max lift points as gardown, csv, xml,... format
- DONE new layout for Best Glide, Best Turn to cater for window resize
- NEW RobLog serial Interface for track download, untested
- NEW MLR serial interface for track downloads, untested
- NEW eMap track download direct serial interface
- HTML Help Option from the Menu bar
- FIXED? Thermal data only gets visible after analyzing a flight and then closing and reopening a site
- JPanel Tooltip text introduced, more swing used
- DONE, Liftdata XMLnow got total flight duration, accumulated distance , min and max alti values
- DONE, thermal analysis now goes up to 5000 meters
-DONE JFlight can now be started out of T3D2 see http://jflight.sourceforge.net/
 at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jflight/
- DONE Joins Liftareas into a Thermal
- DONE Show a Thermal Analysis Window
- DONE if IGC speed is missing or 0, calculate speed between points and color code
- DONE make the Best Turn area bigger, for up to 10m/s thermals
- DONE best glide more explaining and travel speed added
- DONE xml thermal data analyze for wind speed and direction in a thermal
- DONE add another thermal, dust devil, type
- DONE add some more mouse interaction -  zoom,transl, rotate
- DONE have a pilotview animation- , very confusing, combine both animations into 2 parallel views
- DONE link, combine with bestglide, bestturn, feedback to pilot where he could have improved. For this one needs the polar data of the wing,
- DONE determine wind speed and direction and store this with the thermal and from there project to the trigger point on the ground
- DONE speed 2 fly analysis, analyze glide for next average thermal,
- DONE autocreate a site from an IGC min/max coords
- DONE combine cone animation and pilot view into one showing both in parallel
- DONE show the track analysis color coded as a bestglide color coded track  and a speed2fly color coded track

Ideas , Bugs, what else to do

- http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/data/srtm/Africa/
- a T-Phi Soarcast sounding analyzer. Longterm, collect the temperature at the altitude and from there determine the lapse rate during the flight. From the lapse rate determine the expected thermal strength and match it to what really happens
- thermal drift direction and speedcorrect ?, Best Glide , S2F shows too many small segments
- SeeYou like animation? showing a object from behind as it flies
- Compeo IGC file gets a double header HFDTE
- C Record Task processing?
- S2F and BG analysis into same window, remove track, show new track
- IGC OLC output compliant?, like A record, Task,...
- show COM port option also in each GPS device, in case one has multiple COM ports and one is for Garmin the other for a Logger,...?
- Use terraserver data, analyze for ground material, like black=water, blue is mine dump, red= whatever, green is whatever and from there determine ground temperature

- AUTO mode after site creation show the igc file, not happening, refresh list of IGC files

- rename directory option
- erase auto dir before using it?

- IGC file filter in Auto Mode, show only *.igc

- Step mode in Animation, along with display of coords and altitude
 - show the alti, speed, coords in animation mode in a window, needs a link from alpha to knots to trackpoints

- better Roblog support, RobLog interface change

- use Java web Start to spread it

- have a gps upload option to load the thermal points as waypoints into GPS

- send id, receive id option for certain loggers

- have a process all flights and analyze for thermals button, done?

- why are PP..flights in THEDAM alll yellow and red?

- COM1 only to be fixed, needs a chooser for different COM ports
- Maybe offer a serial baudrate speed choice
- rethink, arrange directory structure, pilot based, site based, day based, one track per download, or allow for split tracks?
- add a logbook for a pilot ? , but JFLight does that
- test serial interface MLR and RobLog, Log_It
- test if JFlight jar is around and then show the button
- eMap IGC is a prototype, wrong date and time, timezone, wrong header
- test jar, bat outside of the develop tool
- better turn speed, average, determine by time and radius how many degrees?
- auto track, start track when site is displayed
- when animation is on, also show an animated polare ?
- show a Vario in animation?
- add some gimmicks like sounds, when in animation mode and glider goes up , make a vario sound
- add a proper 3D paraglider or HG instead of a Cone into the animation
- Add a Best Turn thermal analysis, analyse pilot for how good he cored the thermal , but how ???
- have multiple tracks and animate them, with taking the actual start time of each pilot into account, in a time compressed way. But for this I need some more 3D tracks of the same day from different pilots. Can do this after the next comp here in October.
- add some keyboard interaction- skipped, got too clumsy and slow

- easier user interface?

- triangle mesh?

- fast object save ? or use serialized objects and save gzipped to a file
- use Integer.toHexString in debug mode

- a DEM to GPS topo data converter

- A scoring module



> What I am looking for now is a combination of Terrain info (

> DEM data) combined with Landsat data, which can give me info

> if the soil is rock or grass or water.

Sounds like you're looking for two separate files; there's no benefit to

combining them exept at runtime for analysis..

> And from there then

> determine where the thermal trigger points are located. Based

> on sun angle and wind. Longterm goal is to improve my cross

> country flying when I go thermal hunting with my paraglider.

Sounds cool.

> Any suggestions what is out there that combines DEM data with

> image data in one file?

Well, you've already got elevation, so that's taken care of. As for

imagery, there is a huge process to convert imagery into estimated ground

cover, which is what you actually want (not raw imagery). I would look for

Land Use / Land Classification data, not imagery.



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