Best Glide for a Paraglider

Speed to fly for a Paraglider Polar

Switch between various makes. Make-3 is 3 points for the polare. Make-4 uses 4 points to define the polare. Make-5 uses 5 points for the polare.

Move your cursor inside the Frame and point it into the upper left quadrant.
The grid is a 10km/h raster
The green line shows the tangent for the best glide angle
The number on top of the polar is the speed to fly for best glide
The 2 numbers at the cursor are wind speed in km/h and air sink in m/s

Explanation of the expressions used...
WS stands for Wind Speed in km/h
AS is Air Sink, m/s
GR Glide Ratio
SP is the polar speed to fly
SI polar sink
GS Ground Speed in km/h what your GPS will show you
 TS Total sink, what you will see on your Vario
ATS Average Travel Speed


Want to put in a polare of your glider?

Modify the wingdata.xml file and add your glider data to it.
See Installation for Details
One can find Polare Data for wings at

Known bugs :

Not very robust code, do not deviate and experiment with different input format.
The code will freeze up your computer.

Avoid typos, input errors like sink="1.5." (a dot after the 5)
or sink=1.5" ( the starting " is missing) otherwise the code stops at startup

5 point polare go wobbly, having dents, typical behaviour of a spline curve as the degree goes up