T3D3 and South Africa DAT files

South Africa terrain dem files with a resolution of 400, 200 and 50 meters are available for a fee from
or from the Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping http://w3sli.wcape.gov.za/

One has to CONVERT the SA DAT file format to the binary DEM file format which is used by the T3D2 code.

The binary DEM files can be combined with the corresponding map info in the jpeg files.

One gets the map displayed in a new window next to the DEM processing window.
By using the mouse one can define on the map which area one wants to cut out of the dem data.
Then use the GO SCAN button and create a new site, which got the 3D elevation data with the map section cut out and overlaid.

How to do a scan and create a new Site inT3D2 using SA DAT files

In T3D2 use SETUP and define a directory for the input South Africa DAT data and for the output DEM data
Put your SA DAT files and the map info jpeg files into the SA-DAT directory

How to use T3D2 Toolbar option SETUP/SITE/CONVERT


A file selection pops up. Locate in the file-chooser your input SA Dat file which you want to convert.
The file gets converted to a DEM file..
Then , optional, or cancel, choose the corresponding jpeg file to be also copied.
Once converted exit the window and refresh it by using the T3D2 SETUP/SITE and then the

SA DEM choice button.

Choose one of the DEM files

Now either use the displayed map area and with the mouse select a window.
Which will modify the center coordinate and strip count.

Enter the Center coordinates of your flying site In decimal degrees. Like -31.1234 South is negative. West is negative . And define the amount of strips to each side

Change the default site name, if you want
A directory with that name gets created under the sites directory
The code shows some output as it tries to find the site inside the dem data.

Once done, exit, close down the program. Restart and now you should find the new created site in the site selection multichoice. Select the new site


Generates from an IGC file the topo dem data that it covers.
Requires that one picks the correct dem file that matches the flight.

Click on the AutoView button, select an IGC track log, and the code determines where about this track log is.
It then cuts out of the DEM data the area that you are flying over. Then displays it as a site called Auto or whatever you define it in the Config options.